March 7, 2017

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Work With Me


Organic Network Marketing Companies


Are you passionate about helping others? Do you care about the environment and being eco-friendly? Are you interested in becoming part of the lucrative and ethical $90 billion dollar organic industry?


Did You Know…

♥   The FDA has only 11 ingredients that are prohibited or restricted for use in ‘cosmetic’ products as of 2015

♥   Health Canada only 573 while the EU has 1,715 ingredients restricted or prohibited

♥  The chemical components of cosmetic ingredients listed as ‘parfum’, ‘aroma’, ‘fragrance’ or ‘flavour’ which can contain chemicals of concern are not required to be disclosed to consumers

♥ ‘Cosmetic’ products are not regularly tested to verify the accuracy of product labels or to check for the presence of prohibited substances, microbial contaminants and heavy metals

♥    It takes 100 to 500 years to create one inch of topsoil

♥    Soil contamination is a major hazard to humans and the environment

♥ Many chemicals found in personal care and food products contain endocrine disruptors, hormone mimickers and carcinogens

♥ Some groups of contaminants are of emerging concern for the EPA because they can affect aquatic life and threaten drinking water sources

♥ According to the EWG, a typical woman uses 12 products every day which may contain up to 168 different chemicals


When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.  Cree Proverb


The nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.  Franklin D. Roosevelt


Why Miessence Over Other Organic Network Marketing Companies?


Why goDesana?


goDésana's products are raw, plant-based functional whole food derived from wildcrafted, pesticide-free, and organic. Our manufacturers and suppliers can certify to our ingredients and to our low- to no-heat processes which maintains the integrity of the raw whole food including nutrients and enzymes.


We insist on only the purest ingredients and the finest manufacturing processes for our bio-available and purposeful formulations. All of our ingredients are guaranteed to be:

  •  No pesticides or chemicals have been used in the cultivation of ANY crop
  •  Free of harmful chemical preservatives
  •  Free from saccharine and aspartame
  •  Free from high-fructose corn syrup
  •  Free of partially hydrogenated oils
  •  Every ingredient is minimally processed
  •  Essential Oils are from organically grown and wild-crafted plant life
  •  No additives, extenders, or chemicals added.
  •  Gas Chromatograph tested by an independent 3rd party lab
  •  Cruelty-free, no animal testing or animal products used
  •  Essential Oils are distilled at low temperature
  •  Essential Oils are always first distillation only
  •  No slave/child labor
  •  No irradiation or GMO plant materials used for distillation or extraction
  •  No artificial colors, oils, or scents
  •  Plant materials are processed using ecological and sustainable practices

Sounds like a Pyramid Scheme?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Organic Network Marketing Companies

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Organic Network Marketing Companies

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Ask yourself this question. What if it does work?


I truly believe in this business. I believe more people are looking for safer and healthier products that are eco-friendly. Everyone can make a difference. Everytime you purchase something you make a choice about the kind of world you are endorsing. Together, we can make a difference in the world.

If you have ever considered running your own business and have a passion for sustainable, certified organic products, then the lucrative organic industry might be for you.


I am currently looking for 4 people with leadership qualities who are committed, passionate and motivated in building a successful online sustainable business in the health and wellness industry, giving back to the environment and helping others!

Come and be a part of the organic revolution! You have it in you to make this world a better place for you, your family and your grandchildren.


Contact me to learn how to build your own thriving, sustainable business.



Thank you!! Together we can make a difference.

Much love,